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Camp Nurse of the Year Award

Are you a camp nurse whose work at camp has made a difference to your camp's health/wellness profile? Do you know a nurse who has made a significant difference at your camp? If so, the camp nurse may be eligible to be nominated for ACN's “Camp Nurse of the Year” Award.

A hallmark of a profession is that it recognizes excellence among its practitioners. Toward that end, ACN's Board approved creation of the Camp Nurse of the Year Award. This award is designed to recognize an ACN member (nurse) who, by virtue of being a camp nurse at his/her camp, made a significant difference to that camp's health/wellness profile. While the Association's Jeanne Otto Award recognizes contribution to the profession of camp nursing, the Camp Nurse of the Year Award recognizes a camp nurse's significant contribution to the health status of his/her own camp and the people there.

Click here to download the Camp Nurse of the Year nomination form.