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Finding a camp nurse can be difficult. ACN recognizes this and wants to provide a link between camps looking for a nurse and those nurses looking for a camp. More and more nurses are "hitting" this web site and asking about camp work.

NOTE: Nurses typically plan their summer in early winter because they must request time off from their regular job. Post your ad NOW to gain as much exposure as possible. The fee remains the same no matter how long it is posted.

So, why not advertise where nurses are looking? Interested?


The person responsible for hiring the camp nurse completes the form at the bottom of this page and submits it and is then taken to the payment options page where they can choose to either pay online, by phone or by mail.  The job advertisement will be posted after the payment is processed at the beginning of each month or sooner if possible.

  • $175 for non-affiliated people

ACN retains editorial rights but will generally post ads as they are written – with one exception. If your ad includes the word “infirmary,” that will be changed to “Health Center.” If there is additional editing, ACN will contact the person who requested the posting.

ACN does not guarantee any responses from nurses nor does ACN endorse those who may respond to a given camp’s advertisement. The Association is merely providing a way for camps to communicate their need for a nurse – in this case, specifically to nurses who have expressed an interest or curiosity about camp and have clicked onto the ACN site.

It remains the camp’s responsibility to appropriately screen those who respond to their advertisement. Note that nurses are directed to contact the camp, not ACN, if interested in applying to a particular camp.

Advertisements will be posted at the beginning of each month and remain there until the person who placed the advertisement asks ACN to discontinue the ad. All advertisements will be pulled by August 30th and – at that time – a new listing will be available to begin recruitment for the next season.

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