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Association of Camp Nurses


ACN members are nurses with an interest in camp nursing practice and camp health initiatives. Associate members are other people (non-nurses) who would like to affiliate with the organization.


Both members and associate members pay $60 annual dues and receive these benefits:


This is ACN’s publication. CompassPoint focuses on topics pertinent to camp nursing practice and camp health initiatives. Articles include “New Products, New Ideas,” a clinical skills article with application to the camp setting, discussion of camp health management challenges, and information about workshops and educational events. Members are invited to submit articles for publication in CompassPoint.


Members receive access to ACN conferences and educational events at member prices. The annual Camp Nurse Symposium reflects current interests and needs of camp nurses. Highlights include presentations by practicing camp nurses, special focus workshops, time to network with other members, and connections to the many other professionals who help provide camp health services. Workshops vary as needs emerge and often include a spring workshop for new camp nurses.

Members also receive discount pricing for ads in the Camp Nurse Jobs section and for items in the Camp Nurse Store.


ACN members – nurses – participate in governance of the Association. For example, ACN members vote for Board members and adaptations to ACN’s Bylaws. Some members work on standing committees (membership, research, clinical skills), serve on ad hoc committees (i.e., conference), and run for ACN offices.

Perhaps the most valued member benefit is the many personal connections that ACN members make with one another. Since many camp nurses are the only nurse at their facility, it can be difficult to find someone else who is familiar with camp nursing challenges. This is why ACN members reach out to each other with phone calls, E-mail, and letters.

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