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Clip Art for the Camp Health Center
Use over 20 clip art characters - like these - to liven up your Health Center signs and presentations! Available on CD-ROM.


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The Standards & Scope of Camp Nursing Practice
Approved by ACN membership in 2005, copies of this guide for nursing practice in the camp setting is a "must have" for all camp nurses.

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The Basics of Camp Nursing
by Linda Erceg and Myra Pravda (2009).

With expanded content in every chapter and more sample forms in the appendix, the 232 page, second edition of The Basics of Camp Nursing is designed to coach nurses through their start-up process as a camp nurse.  Classic information has been updated, references reflect the practice’s expanded literature base, and more discussion about the interface between camp director and nurse is embedded. 

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Poster: "What Do I Need to Stay Healthy at Camp?"
This brightly colored, camper-friendly, 24" x 40" poster reinforces your health promotion messages for self-care, appropriate footwear, sun and insect protection, hydration, good nutrition and other topics. A must-have for today's camp Health Center - and maybe some other places around camp like the dining room?

Non-Member - $20.00
12 First Aid Kit Documentation Notebooks
Need a place for people to record their use of your camp’s first aid kits? Measuring 2.75" x 4.75", these notebooks have 48 lined pages and come with documentation guidelines printed on the front cover. The back cover captures camp name and start/end date of the record. Provide a system to more effectively capture first aid kit care!

Set of 12 Notebooks

Non-Member - $12.50 Per Set

ACN Clothing from Lands' End

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Back Issues of CompassPoint

Back Issues of CompassPoint may be purchased individually ($5 each) or as a set (all available back issues for $50). Only available issues are listed below. CompassPoint is an official publication of the Association of Camp Nurses and a source of information about clinical issues, educational opportunities, new ideas and comment about practices in camp healthcare. It is intended as an informational resource only. The practical application of information found in CompassPoint is the responsibility of the reader.

All Available Back Issues of CompassPoint
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Individual Back Issues of CompassPoint
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$7.50 per issue

– Adolescent GYN and GU Issues at Camp (Bovie & Muskay); Campers with Diabetes in Non-Diabetes Camps (Dickinson); Should Camps Have Automoatic Electronic Defibrillators? (Bauer & Pepper); Year-Round Camp Nursing for Children & Adults with Disabilities (Gilliland); Behavior Issues in Adolescent Girls (Leiken with Baird); Keeper of the Kits: Thinking Both Inside & Outside the Box (Marugg); Precepting Students in the Camp Environment (Williams).

– Annual Report 2003; Medical Screening in Adventure Programming: How Far Do You Go? (Gregg & Hansen-Stamp); Keeper of the Kits: Typical Topicals for First Aid Kits, Part 2 (Marugg); Behavior Issues in Adolescent Boys (Leiken with Baird); Sickle Cell Disease and Related Hemoglobin Disorders (Ridder); Addressing Male Genitourinary Problems in the Camp Setting (Nerderman); Friendship Ventures: Short Term, Direct Care for Those in Need (Seivert).

– Keeper of the Kits: Typical Topicals for First Aid Kits, Part 3 (Marugg); How’s Your Pertussis Knowledge (Nerderman); Effective Pen-Pushing: Exploring Written Documentation in Camp Health Services (Erceg); Have You Got What You Need? (Baird); Think You Are Up-to-Date on Head Lice (Williams).

– Documentation in Camp Health Services: Readers Respond to Article; Keeper of the Kits: Blisters (Marugg); Cold-Related Health Issues: Not Just for Winter Anymore (Baird); Staff Health … Camper Health: Why Do We Treat Them the Same? (Erceg); Summer Staff: Strategies for Maintaining (and Potentially Improving) Their Health (Bauer); Annotated Bibliography of Camp Nursing Research (Feeley & Buckner); Let’s Talk about Practice Standards (Bickford, Pravda, Praeger, & Erceg); 2005 Camp Nurse Symposium Information.

– The Right Footwear for Camp (M. Marriam); Research: Survey of Summer Camp Health Officers (G. Friece); Teaching Healthy Habits at Sherwood Forest Camp (M. Rogers); Professional Liability Insurance: What Camp Nurses Need to Know (E. Schirick); ACA National Study of Camping Outcomes: Implications for Camp Nursing Research (E. Buckner); Adolescents & Diabetes: A Challenging Combination (J. Dickenson).

– 2005 Annual Report; Managing Campers with Behavior Problems (E. Allen); Sun Safety – New Wrinkles on a Burning Subject (L. Rutsch & Baird, S.); Sun Safety & the Sea Coast (J. Lindstrom); Outsmarting Poison Oak, Ivy & Sumac (C. Hirschoff); Preventing Communicable Disease – How Concerned Should Camps Be? (L. Erceg); The Choking Game (A. Martin); Trip Evacuation Principles & Training Case Studies (G. Friese); Is There a Bully on Your Staff? (S. Ahrens).

– The First Time Camp Nurse: What Does this Nurse Need to Know? (L. Erceg)

– Meet VJ Gibbins, ACN's President-Elect (Hartung); Board Advance, 2006; AD/HD and Co-Morbidity: What Camp Nurses Need to Know (A. Gordon); ACA's 2007 Health & Wellness Standards: Are You Up-to-Date? (L. Erceg)

– Emerging Issues at Camp from a Camp Director Perspective (B. Garst, C. Thurber); Tooth Tragedies at Camp (P. Gehring); Eye Issues, part 2 (D. Nerderman); Update from EPA's SunWise Program (L. Hall-Jordan); Preparing Multi-Day First Aid Kits (M. Marugg); 2007 Annual Report (staff).

– Outbreak! Assessment and Management (L. Erceg); Norwalk Virus at Camp (B. Hill, A. Austin, T. Goodwin); Assessing Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders for their “Fit” at Camp (L. Erceg); Supporting Campers with Autism Spectrum Disorders (J. Harber).

– Ruminations about Staff Healthcare (L. Erceg); Anaphylaxis from Airborne Allergens (J. Springer); Building a Camp Health Center (L. Erceg); The Wellness Center of Your Dreams (J. McEldowney); Health Center Activity: A Comparison of Boys and Girls Visits (L. LeBlond); Meet Camp Northwester's Rebecca Johnson and Christa Campbell (S. Baird).

–The Nurse Practitioner at Camp: Streamlining the Crossover between Nursing and Medical Care (E. Reynolds); Camp Nurse? Disaster Nurse? What We Have in Common (J. Springer); Managing Seizure Disorders at Camp (B. Hill); Evaluating Ankle Injuries (D. Nerderman); A Global Perspective for Camp Health Centers (L. Erceg); Meet Frost Valley’s Patty Conklin (S. Baird); Healthy Camp Update (Study Staff).

– H1N1 Influenza and the Summer Camp Experience (VJ Gibbins); Proactive Lice Policies Help Keep Camps Lice Free (K. Shepherd); Bacterial Meningitis and the Meningitis Vaccine: Protecting Campers and Staff (R. Mitchell); Autism: Understanding the Condition (T. Gaslin); What’s Going On? A Common Illness with an Unusual Presentation (E. Reynolds); Rookie Camp Nurse: Reflections (L. Menges); 2008 Annual Report (staff).

– Happy Feet: A Guide to Common Problems (D. Nerderman); Camping with Severe Food Allergy (T. Gaslin, R. Keen); Iliotibial Band Syndrome: Consider this Key Cause of Knee Pain (E. Reynolds); Tips for Finding a Camp Nurse (L. Erceg); Hand Hygiene Best Practices: The Product Debate (j. Berkman); H1N1 at Camp: A Novel Experience (L. Lankford); Keeper of the Kits: Pharmaceutical Waste (M. Marugg).

– Exploring the Impact of Influenza-Like Illness: Preliminary Survey Results (L. Erceg); Caring for the Camper with Cystic Fibrosis (T. Gaslin); People in Practice: Meet Dialysis Nurse Maureen Eisele (S. Baird); Addressing Camper Asthma Needs: A Student Nurse’s Experiences at Camp (E. Ford); Keeper of the Kits: Material Safety Data Sheets (M. Marugg)

– Healthcare Providers in the Camp Setting (T. Gaslin); Camp Nursing: One Week at a Time (M. Marugg); Clinical skills: Tips and Updates (L. Erceg); Don't Take Professional Liability Insurance for Granted (E. Schirick); Meet Directors Who are also Nurses (S. Baird); Healthy Camp Update (ACA); Being Alert to Huffing at Camp (B. Hill).

– An Archival and Oral History of ACN with Jeanne Otto, Founder of the Association of Camp Nurses (E. Buckner, M. Pravda, L. Erceg); Assessing the Health Center’s Compliance with ACA’s HW Standards (L. Erceg);  Use of a Functionality Rating Scale to Determine Medical Presence at Summer Camp (T. Gaslin);  A Review of ADHD Medications for Camp Nurses (C. White); Meet Church Camp Nurse Pat Gombita (S. Baird); It Happened This Summer (ACN Members); Taking Stock: Thermometers (M. Marugg).

– Summer Camp as a Clinical Site for Student Nurses (L. South); Coping with Concussion at Camp: New Concepts in Management (E. Reynolds);  Camper and Staff Accident Medical and Sickness Insurance (E Schirick);  Functionality Rating Scale: Developing Evidence for Appropriate Healthcare Oversight (T. Gaslin, P. Keen);  Impact of Summer Camp on Self-Efficacy in Adolescents Attending Diabetes Summer Camp (R. Winsett, S. Stender, G. Burghan); Comparing Thermometers for Accuracy (L. Lankford); Florence Nightingale is Coming to Camp (J. McEldowney); AED Checks and Maintenance (M. Marugg);  Bullying and Healthy Camps (V.J. Gibbins); ACN’s Research Vision for the Future (E. Buckner).

– Implementing a Major Change in Medication Management at Camp (L. Lankford); The Obese Camper and Metabolic Syndrome: A New Challenge to Camp Life (L. Cranwell-Bruce); Journeys of a Bedbug (M. Marugg); Heat Stress at Camp: Coping with Prolonged Heat and Humidity (L. Erceg); Camp Nursing, Swiss Style (M. Rugg); Children's Oncology Camp from Multiple Perspectives (E. Buckner, L. South).

– When New Graduates Head to Camp (D. Nerderman); Autism: Key Elements for Camp Success (T. Gaslin); ACA Modifies Its Health & Wellness Standards: Are Your Health Practices Up-to-Speed? (L. Erceg); Meet Outdoor School Nurse Jane McEldowney (S. Baird); Nursing Education Research in the Camp Setting (E. Buckner)

– Debriefing After Critical Incidents at Camp (J. Wilcox); Health Assessment Resources for the Camp Nurse (D. Isaacson); Play Hard, Breathe Easy: Managing Asthma in the Camp Setting (J. Rodriguez); When Hurricane Irene Came to Camp (VJ Gibbins); Children's Burn Camps (K. Norris & E. Buckner); 2011 Annual Report of the Association of Camp Nurses.

– Partnering with Camp M.I.T.I.O.G: a Win-Win Experience for Both Students and Campers (N. Krahl); Understanding Menorrhagia: Camp Nurses Can Help (D. Mathis); Wounds at Camp: Could it Be MRSA? (D. Nerderman); Why Campers and Staff Seek Care from Health Center Staff (L. Erceg and R. Brodin); Children with Sensory Impairment: Camps for “Athletes” of Experiential Learning (E. Buckner, R. Morrow, K. Norris)

– Today's Camp Nurse: Information Gleaned from ACN's Member Survey (L. Erceg); Summer Camp: the Impact of Quality of Life in Children with Epilepsy (T. Gaslin); Solving a Rash Mystery: Is It Cercarial Dermatitis? (E. Austin); Camp Nursing with the Tim Horton Children's Foundation (K. Bochsler); Meet Special Needs Camp Medical Director Tracey Gaslin (S. Baird); Reading and Writing at Camp (L. Arend and E. Buckner); Use & Care of Asthma Spacers (D. Nerderman); The Board Advance: ACN Looks to the Future (L. Erceg).

– Cultural Aspects of Health Care Applied to the Context of Camp Nursing (M. Tobin); The Nurse’s Role at a Camp for Children Affected by a Parent’s Cancer (H. Jiam and N. Tin-Lok Jiam); A Survey of Physical Assessment Skills Performed by a Nurse Graduate in the Camp Setting (C. Miller); Meet Volunteer Camp Nurse Jeana Wilcox (S. Baird); Children’s Grief and Healing through Bereavement Camps (E. B. Buckner and K.C. Morris); Is Purchasing an AED in Your Plans? (D. Nerderman).

– Re-Creation and the Experience of Camp (C. O’Keefe); Information and Updates on Concussion Evaluation and Management (T. Gaslin); Caution: Assistive Staff in the Health Center (E. Austin); The Hallmarks of a Healthy Camp Community: How is Your Camp Positioned? (L. Erceg); What’s Cookin’?: Campers&qu Experiences of Fresh Gardening at Camp (L. South and E. Buckner); Moulage: Making First Aid Training More Realistic (D. Nerderman); Annual Report 2012 (ACN).

– When Lightning Strikes at Camp (VJ Gibbins); One for the Road: Bicycle Tips, That Is (M. Rudd); Camps for Children with ADHD (E. Buckner and A. Marass); Are You Up-to-Date on Food Allergies (D. Nerderman).

– Campers with Diabetes: Understanding Management, Asking the Right Questions and Preparing a Plan (S. Kassels); Confidentiality & HIPAA: What’s the Meaning of It All? (T. Gaslin); Reflections on My Camp Nursing Practice (L. Erceg); Meet Nurse Practitioner and Camp Nurse Debbie Stone (S. Baird); Camps for Children with HIV (A. Marass, S. Waweru, E. Buckner): First Aid Kits for Camp (D. Nerderman).

$7.50 per issue